mother mccree's uptown jug champions - top of the tangent

this recording captures jerry garcia, bob weir and ron "pigpen" mckernan in the earliest of their pre-dead bands, a classic memphis style jug band. committed to tape at a palo alto coffee house, this set shows the capability of these guys to break new musical ground while still looking backwards and digging up the roots, in the midst of a musical movement that was producing such staid acts as the kingston trio...of all the musical styles that were dusted off during the folk revival of the sixties, jug band stuff was probably the most "in your face". jerry and company even stop early in the set to give the audience a chance to boo them.

many music fans and even dead fans forget the deep and abiding interest and passion that jerry garcia had for all that could be found in the history of american roots music, and the role that passion played in his own music. this has always been one of my favorite aspects of jerry's musicianship, and this lively set is a nice reminder of that side of his artistry.

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