grateful dead - home recordings, new years eve 1969

this one here is not the average grateful dead bootleg.

the end of the 60's ushered in a serious change in the dead's sound and approach to recording and songwriting, from the indulgent experimentation of 'aoxomoxoa' and 'live dead' to the studio asceticism of 'workingman's dead' and the stripped down rock revue of their early 70's live show. this rough collection of home recordings offers a really good window into a band in transition. featuring robert hunter on vocals for most of the proceedings, and a great incubator version of 'friend of the devil' with john 'marmaduke' dawson of the new riders of the purple sage, this bootleg is a must for any fan of the powerhouse incarnation of the dead that would emerge in the early 70's.


1. friend of the devil (with other lyrics)
2. trumpet solo - robert hunter?
3. dead or alive (robert hunter vocal, undocumented song)
4. train song (robert hunter vocal, undocumented song)
5. no eggs today (robert hunter vocal, undocumented song)
6. jam - 'feeling groovy' and uncle john's band riffs
7. uncle john's band jam
8. crying?...
9. unidentified guitar/end of tape

you can download this from the grateful dead archive right here.


oh yeah, here's the full video from the newly released 'sunshine daydream', the video memory of what is known as the 'final acid test', an epic dead show with ken kesey and his merry pranksters as emcees in veneta, oregon in 1972.

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