grateful dead - vintage dead (avalon ballroom, 1966)

my first foray into vinyl ripping, this LP, released in 1971, captures a fiery, pig pen heavy 1966 performance. the dead themselves were not thrilled by this sunflower records series of live releases originating from early tapes of their family dog/avalon ballroom days, perhaps being why these have not been released on CD. for more on that story look here.

despite being disowned by the band, this recording features ripping performances by all members, and great psyched out vocals and harmonies by a band even die hard fans admit didn't always pull that off. the real stars on this slab are jerry's straight up mean guitar solos and pig pen's always soulful bluesy singing. now you can get it right here. the track listing is as follows:

1- i know you rider
2- it hurts me too
3- it's all over no baby blue
4- dancin' in the streets
5- in the midnight hour

please excuse the sound quality of the rip, i'm inexperienced and my "jerry" rigged equipment is less than top notch!

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